XIV International Symposium on Oncology Pharmacy Practice | 2014, Montreal Canada

ISOPP Interim Site Welcome

Thank you to our current sponsors of the International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners

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Welcome to the interim website for ISOPP. The ISOPP website (www.isopp.org) is currently being revamped and this will be our new home for the next few months.

Let us introduce you to the current ISOPP Secretariat Members:

Harbans Dhillon Steve Stricker
Rowena (Moe) Scwartz, USA
rowena.schwartz @ mckesson.com
Harbans Dhillon, Malaysia
dhillon @ ummc.edu.my
Steve Stricker, USA
sstricke @ samford.edu
Johan Vandenbroucke Tiene Bauter Shaun O'Connor
Johan Vandenbroucke, Belgium
johan.vandenbroucke @ uzgent.be
Tiene Bauter, Belgium
General Member
tiene.bauters @ uzgent.be
Shaun O’Connor, Australia
General Member
shaun.oconnor @ svhm.org.au
Felicity Wright Anantha Naik Nagappa
Felicity Wright, Australia
General Member
felicity.wright @ health.nsw.gov.au
Anantha Naik Nagappa, India
General Member
anantha1232000 @ gmail.com



Let us introduce you to the current ISOPP Chairs:

Jill Kolesar Jim Siderov Judith Smith

Jill Kolesar, USA
Membership and Finance Chair
jmkolesar @ pharmacy.wisc.edu

 Jim Siderov, Australia
Standards Chair
jim.siderov @ austin.org.au
 Judith Smith, USA
Research Chair
judith.ann.smith @ uth.tmc.edu
Jill Davis Felice Musicco Alexandre Chan
Jill Davis, Australia
Newsletter Editor
jill.davis5 @ bigpond.com
Felice Musicco, Italy
Publications Chair
fmusicco @ libero.it
Alexandre Chan, Singapore
Education Chair
phaac @ nus.edu.sg


Please note: if you wish to email the above Secretariat members, please remove the spaces in the email address.


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